More Lollopy-and-Friends books are planned.
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written by Grit Weinstein and illustrated by Miranda O'Shea
Lollopy and Friends
lollopy and
The artist Nilda Comas about the book The Tale of the Little Duckling,
"This book will delight children for its simple narrative and bright illustrations.
Children will fall in love with the character and will love the adventures.
It has sweetness in its delivery as if it were written with the spontaneity of a child.
The approach will not intimidate a child and will encourage the child to have
the whole book read to him.
It is the kind of book that a child could want to retale himself after having heard it because the illustrations will encite them to make their own stories."

The teacher Irene Szymanski about the Lollopy-and-Friends books,
“These are great and lovely stories with fine eye-catching illustrations.
The books are worth reading not only for children but for adults, too.
Friendship, hope and how to overcome problems together are main themes of
the books. They educate children and make them familiar to different topics
of our everyday lives.
We all, especially children, want to find out who we are.
While looking at the pictures, reading the stories and reflecting them we have fun, suffer and feel with the little heroes and get an idea of what friends are for.
The stories appeal to us and impress us emotionally.
Written in a language suitable for children they offer educationally valuable
pre-reading activities from discussing the different situations of the matter,
which are mentioned in the books, to drawing and even acting them and
so to improve the creative and linguistic abilities of our children.”